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Patti Sherwood is not only a respected real estate professional, but she is also a dynamic speaker and trainer who captivates audiences with her authentic and engaging style.  Whether speaking at business events, elementary schools, or real estate professionals, Patti has a versatile speaking style that resonates with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. With her ability to zone in on a provided topic or formulate her own based on the needs of the room, Patti leaves a lasting impact through both formal and informal talks.
Engaging & Inspiring Audiences Nationwide Patti Sherwood Charlestown, WV
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Patti brings her wealth of knowledge and experiences, spanning over 40 years, to inspire and empower individuals in various settings.

Over 40 years of Experience

Bridging Education & Action

Over 60 years of Experience Patti Sherwood Charlestown, WV
Patti’s background in education and her passion for motivating others intersect beautifully in her speaking engagements. She brings a blend of academic knowledge and real-world experience to her talks that leave the audience with clear, actionable steps to make change. Topics include Business Ethics, Effective Communications, Time Domination, Social Media, Service Excellence, Entrepreneurship, and, of course, Real Estate. Programs are always customized to your business or organization.
 Tailored Presentations for Empowering Women Patti Sherwood Charlestown, WV

Tailored Presentations for Empowering Change

Patti Sherwood is dedicated to empowering change. Whether you’re looking to elevate your customers’ experience, coalesce your team, initiate change, or get back to the basics, Patti’s programs can help you lay a foundation and identify actionable next steps on your organization’s journey to success.
 Tailored Presentations for Empowering Women Patti Sherwood Charlestown, WV

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If you are looking for a motivational speaker who can uplift and inspire your audience, Patti is the ideal choice. Her genuine passion for connecting with people shines through in every speaking engagement. Whether you’re hosting a business event, an educational seminar, or a network gathering, Patti has the experience and expertise to deliver a powerful and impactful presentation.

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