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  • Published: 12/05/2014
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It took an entire week, but my fridge is returning to normal – where there’s actually room to put the milk away without having to re-orchestrate turkey carcasses and a myriad of leftover containers. I know it will fill up again soon with preparations for Christmas meals and parties, but I’m enjoying the wide open real estate for a few days.

The same is true for the rest of my house. Normally, as I take down my fall décor post-Thanksgiving, and return it to storage in the basement, I use the return trip up the stairs to bring up the Christmas decorations.

But this week, I purposely decided to completely finish one holiday before starting the next. To enjoy the after as much as the before and during.

I put every pumpkin and piece of fall foliage to bed and replaced it with – nothing. We ate turkey, and many other leftovers, in various repurposed forms. With the exception of an evergreen wreath on the front door and a few carols on the CD player, it doesn’t look like Christmas here yet.

That seems to have worked well. I feel refreshed and rested. And ever so thankful.

I feel got as much out of Thanksgiving as I possibly could. Instead of tripping from one celebration to the next, now I’m ready to move on. I feel focused, cheerful, and excited.

So now that the fridge and table tops are bare, I look forward to starting the next holiday. This weekend the tree will go up, the other decorations will come out, and the next round of baking will begin.

I’m really looking forward to it. I’m purposing to keep Christmas in my heart this season even more than on my walls.

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